November 14, 2016

Simple Review Generation


Getting Reviews Gets Your Business More Leads

It’s indisputable. More reviews from your clients will grow new clients for you. These reviews need to be on third party sites like Google, Yelp, BBB and many others. With more great reviews your business stands out from your competition. 

Getting Reviews Used to Be Hard

That’s changed with Pink Iguana’s new App for your phone. Our App will get you more positive reviews online. You or your employees simply send a text to your client and in a couple of clicks they leave a review where new clients are looking for you. 

  • Your online listing will get more clicks.
  • You standardize your process for getting reviews.
  • You’ll have a stand out listing in search.
  • As you grow reviews people trust your business and come to your site.

To see more and purchase the app please follow this link to our SimplyReview.Us site.