November 24, 2014

Local Search Marketing & SEO

Website Management. Digital Marketing. Lead Generation. 

Pink Iguana Services works exclusively with contractors for the home improvement, painting and emergency services franchisee. Our company wide expertise is in the construction industry, (over 20 years), and the Digital and Internet Marketing field, (over 10 years). You won’t find us working with restaurants, or dentists or universities or plastic surgeons. Those businesses are vastly different than yours so we focus our efforts and our expertise on knowing, understanding and growing your contracting business.

What We Do

  • Increase your organic local online and mobile presence on the Google and Bing search engines as well as other directories.  
  • Get more visitors to your site who want your services.
  • Create content to get those visitors that are relevant to your business on your site. 
  • Get your business listed on Google My Business so your clients can find you in search and maps.
  • Maximize the value of your website to keep you relevant and the authority in your area – which keeps high in the rankings.


Here’s How:




Scorecard Analysis – a proprietary system we developed to baseline your business when you come on board. We look at your rankings, your competitors and your past marketing experiences to see where you are now. We then develop a unique plan to get you ranking higher in search results in the shortest amount of time.



website_optimizationWebsite Conversion Optimizationnot only do we optimize your site to streamline getting you leads, we write content and develop unique landing pages based on your business services. Not every contractor offers the same services, so we customize your franchise site to reflect your unique and local presence. Our content is written with the experience of knowing your business and your clients. It is an ongoing process, and the one of the key ways to remain relevant in search results for any of the search engines over time.



SEO gears


Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) implementing on-page and off-page strategies so your site comes up higher, more often, and for the right keywords your customers are using. We continually track trends for searches on keywords, meta data, Schema, sitemaps, back-links and internal linking structures. These are the meat and potatoes of your sites structure that has to be maintained.



aggregatorsEngaging Social Profiles creating and linking custom online content to support your other online marketing tactics is essential to providing a holistic approach for your internet presence. We develop customized posts, copy and templates for you to use to get customers back to your site. We update and manage third party social review sites like Angie’s List, Yelp and Google My Business for you so you don’t have to. We’ll discuss techniques to get you valuable backlinks to your site. 



Google Pie Graph



Performance Reportingproviding proof that the money you spend is working for you as it should via individualized monthly webinars and an online dashboard.


ROI image



Return on InvestmentWe obsess about it. Our goal is to optimize the heck out of your website and campaigns, deliver more leads for less money and see you retain more profit.