Answer: This article by Avinash Kaushik, is especially helpful for all zees,  see #4 for those zees that worry about ranking #1 for (fill in the blank) keywords.

PS – if you do Google yourself and you do show up, please click on your link and go to your site and then click on another link. Then remember that this result is just based on your search history, not someone that is just now looking for a painter. And, oh if you keep searching for your competititon, guess who google thinks is important to you—-your competition!

Why you ask? Because if you continually search for yourself and don’t click on your own site, Google’s algorithms see you rejecting the search results and will try to serve up something different the next time, and then poof you disappear from your next search results based on  your actions of not clicking on the suggested information. Self defeating don’t you think? OR you can stop searching for yourself on Google  and send us those photos that are still in your phone so we can add them to your residential pages! A better use of time and much more likely to feed your bottom line.

(Download the detailed, complete SEO Periodic table here.)