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by Jodi Esser on Pink Iguana Services
Simply The Best

Terry and Christina are absolutely wonderful to work with! They know my business and have taken our internet marketing to a whole new level. They keep me informed of industry changes and education me on what's relevant to my business. Thank you Pink Iguana for your knowledge, professionalism and guidance.

by Kirt Storch on Pink Iguana Services

I have been working with Pink Iguana for three years and frankly they are the best in the business. I don't have to make suggestions for my SEO they make the changes necessary keep up with the ever changing environments and then give me the updates. I have never been better ranked on key word searches.

by Robert Ramundo on Pink Iguana Services
Pink Iguana

As you try to navigate the internet today, it is more difficult than ever to be on top of the ever changing market and develop a business plan that makes sense. Pink Iguana makes the entire process painless and makes sure that we are constantly positioned properly so we can maximize all available opportunities, while not wasting money. They really care about my business and my success. Thanks for your help.!!!

by Ean Belafsky on Pink Iguana Services
The Best!

I love working with Terry and his team. They are everything I could ask for in a company to manage my online presence.

They are responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, forward thinking, ahead of the curve, patient and so much more.

They have done me well. I feel very secure with them at the helm of my online presence.

by Gary Lentz on Pink Iguana Services

I have been working with Pink Iguana for several years and have been very pleased with the relationship and the results. Terry and Christina have always been very straightforward and very proactive. They openly let me know what is happening with my site and what needs to happen. They explain things in terms I understand and take care of my site without me leaning on them to do so. They truly view the relationship as a partnership.

by Janae Nezerka on Pink Iguana Services
Great Customer Service

I have been working with Pink Iguana for over 4 years. Pink Iguana understands our business. They help me stay on track of goals that we set together during our meeting. Pink Iguana is a SEO company that is knowledgeable, understands content and reporting, and provides great customer service! Thank you Terry and Christina!

by David Rankin on Pink Iguana Services

Customer Service is outstanding and response time to questions is top notch. I have used other SEO's in the past and Pink Iguana far surpasses the competition!

by Dan Hutchins on Pink Iguana Services
Glad I Switched

Moved to Pink Iguana a year ago because I did not feel that I was getting good service and value from my previous provider. Terry and Christina have done a great job with my account. Results are up this year and I feel like they are really working on my behalf.

by Rob Sligh on Pink Iguana Services
Knowledgeable and Effective

Pink Iguana knows our business and how to lever fast growing Internet lead sources to our best advantage. They set up and review measurements and results for the various tactics employed. Pink Iguana focuses constantly on doing more of what works and less of what doesn't. Bottom line: this year, the Internet was our largest lead source with the cost per lead and the cost per Internet job produced well under our average costs for all leads. Now doubt Pink Iguana will help us build upon that success.

by Dave Strahl on Pink Iguana Services
Secret Sauce

We switched our SEO business over from another provider. Our internet leads had been stagnant and improved significantly almost immediately. The advice we have received regarding such topics as a mobile optimized site, a pay per click campaign, the importance of reviews and a number of other topics has been totally relevant and critical to our success. In this era of newer and more expensive media buys, and marketing becoming more about touches than it is about grass roots techniques, it's nice to know that Christina and Terry are all over giving us a great landing spot for our prospects and customers. I also get a kick out of Googling our primary service and several surrounding communities as well as our own, and coming up first or second in the generic searches.

by Mike Lane on Pink Iguana Services
Great Results

Great service, understanding of my business and results. I have been with Pink Iguana for the last 2 years and every year my rankings and leads from the internet continue to improve. Terry & Christina are always available to answer questions and help me make decisions to improve my website presence and my business.

by Jessica Belman on Pink Iguana Services
Happy customer

I switched to Pink Iguana a few years ago because I was not satisfied with my prior SEO company. I have been very happy with Pink Iguana. They continually work towards improving their services and keeping up with the constantly changing world of website management. I don't have the time to focus on my website and I want someone dedicated to it who is skilled and who cares. I have found that in Pink Iguana.

by Steve Carey on Pink Iguana Services

Terry and his Team at Pink Iguana dramatically improved my SEO and SEM over the last 3 years. They have looked at all aspect of my business and provided a 'holistic' approach to my marketing. Terry responds quickly to every request and is personally involved in the success of my business. He is truly a CertaPro team player!!

by Elizabeth Lipke on Pink Iguana Services
A partner, not just a provider!

I've been with Pink Iguana from the day I opened my franchise and I believe they've set the bar really high for SEO/website/online presence providers. Their results orientation means that they are as vested in my success as I am and I think, honestly, that our partnership has spoiled me. Terry has spent hours with me helping me to build my online presence not only on the site they manage for me but on others as well. I really feel like they provide a comprehensive approach to ensure that the internet not only supports your business but helps to grow it as well. When we get together we problem-solve content, optimization and customer feedback. This is what a partner does, not so much a service provider. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

by Dave Herchko on Pink Iguana Services
Pittsburgh East

The service from Pink Iguana is great! For me, it is their personal attention to pushing me to keep the details of my website up to date and having the market knowledge of the painting segment as to what really works best to drive positive business results.

by Garett Rogers on Pink Iguana Services
Thank You Pink Iguana

I'm very pleased with Pink Iguana' performance. The main differences I've had with them as opposed to other services is that they take a proacive approach (instead of waiting to be spoon fed ideas and content) and the personalization they bring to our interactions. They want to get to know me, my goals as well as understand my business'. Highly recommended!

by Mark Kahn on Pink Iguana Services
Exceptional Value

Exceptional service at every step of the process. The team took the time to understand our business and clearly defined the vision. The continud follow up and evaluation helps us maximize our marketing budget.

by Pat Wade on Pink Iguana Services
Great Service

I had been using another "professional" SEO company prior to moving my business over to Pink Iguana. There are a few key differences between Pink Iguana and the other guys.

*Knowledge - Christina is able to help you understand the why behind things and how that is going to translate to better traffic, but more importantly conversions. After all, that's what we're really looking for.

*Service - I get the sense that Christina and Terry truly care about my business and the results that they can help me achieve.

*Reporting - I get a monthly webinar with Christina where we go over the google analytics reporting and see the hard numbers on what the changes to my websites are doing in terms of leads and conversions.

*Content - They have a unique perspective. With their backgrounds in the contractor trade, franchisees at CertaPro and the internet they offer a perspective nobody else can. They provide unique, pertinent content that is informative to my customers and to web crawlers that helps boost my rankings.

by Kirt Storch on Pink Iguana Services
Kirt Storch - Raleigh, NC

I just started using Pink Iguana for my website SEO services and was honestly but very pleasantly surprised in their knowledge of my business and speed toward task. Very positive changes were made to my site within the first day of our agreement.
We are looking very forward to utilizing the experience of Pink Iguana in our business and are depending on them for increasing our professional presence on the internet.

by Neil Covaleski on Pink Iguana Services
East Central Wisconsin

I've been using Pink Iguana for a full year now and Christina and Terry continue to givre me excellent service and results. We don't just track visits, we track visits that converted to actual leads. My Internet leads have tripled. I'm now getting visitors from other sites such as HGTV due to the work they have done on my copy. We launched our mobile site in August with QR codes on vehicles and signs as well as other materials and are seeing steady increases in traffic through this source. We also added a PPC program in August that is also driving traffic.
When I started this program my goal was to increase my internet footprint, make the site valuable to visitors once they arrived, lower bounce rates and drive leads. With Christina and Terry's expertise and personal attention, I achieved the short term goals I set and look forward to continuing to build my business through the internet.
I feel they are true partners in my business and would highly recommend them to anyone.