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Pink Iguanas in the Galapagos Island

First seen in 1986, researchers found the “pink” iguanas inhabiting the northern rim of the Wolf volcano in the Galapagos. Darwin had actually missed them in his research on the island. Researches finding the “pink” iguana thought it was a mutation of the many species of Iguanas that inhabit the planet. They were incorrect in their assumption. After years of research and then DNA testing, Italian researchers were able to prove that this small group of “pink” iguanas were the original species from which all other species had sprung.

Because they were missed by Darwin, it took years to discover them, and even longer to know how they contributed to the species.

We see Internet Management as the same thing!

If you don’t show up in the right place when people are there looking for you, you too won’t get discovered. And the longer your site doesn’t show up, your chances are greater and greater of being completely extinct on the internet.


We want you to get discovered because for us, and for you, extinction is not an option!

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