Meet The Pink Iguana Team


Christina Stormson is the founding partner of Pink Iguana  Services. Her business experience includes Owner/Operator of CertaPro Painters of Las Vegas (2005-2009), Regulatory Compliance Manager for Players Island Casino (Lake Charles, Louisiana), and Webmaster for California Building Performance Contractors Association.  Her decision to build Pink Iguana Services has been the confluence of today’s advancing Internet technologies, increasingly specialized industry expertise, and contractors who need support implementing internet marketing strategies. She sees the opportunity to leverage today’s internet technologies as key to making her client’s businesses more profitable.

Along the way she has personally built a number of successful businesses and helped others with her entrepreneurial spirit to develop their own businesses. With her experience and skills in website development, conversion optimization and SEO/SEM, PPC and Mobile, she is uniquely positioned to help contractors harness the power of the Internet – to drive sales, reduce marketing costs, improve brand awareness, and develop industry specific technical skills.

Christina is an avid and lifelong learner with certifications in Human Resource Management, LEEP-AP, HERS rater and a licensed painting contractor. Her most recent education includes completing a Master’s Certificate in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco, a Certificate in Small Business Website Development from the University of Washington, and a Market Motives Master Certification for Conversion Optimization. She is also a Google Certified Partner.


terry_laddTerry Ladd is a partner in Pink Iguana Digital Muses/Analog Services. For the last 12+ years he has also been a partner in NorCal Painters, Incorporated, a CertaPro Painters franchise located in San Francisco, California. Along with his partner there, he has sold and produced more than $21M in painting projects, the vast majority of which are residential lead-based paint projects.

Prior to his life in the contracting world, Terry held management positions with a number of firms, including a software startup in Silicon Valley and at Hewlett Packard. He served in the US Army during the Gulf War, and performed network engineering as an independent contractor with the US Air Force in Germany and as a civil servant for the US Army’s Transportation Corp during the Balkan’s Conflicts. Terry’s experience with the Internet goes back to the early days of the Web, when he founded, grew, and eventually sold the largest privately held ISP in Germany in the mid-1990’s. The common thread among all these positions was Terry’s involvement in successfully developing new organizational processes and managing their implementation to drive meaningful operational improvements.

Terry holds California State licenses in painting and decorating ( CSLB C-33) and general contracting (CSLB B-1). He is a LEEP-AP and an EPA-certified Lead Inspector. He earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and an MBA with concentrations in Marketing and Operations from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business.


natasha_pufferNatasha Puffer is an Internet Marketing Specialist at Pink Iguana Services and has held this position since joining the company in August 2013. In this role, Natasha manages CertaPro client accounts while assisting them with website content development and marketing strategies.  She has had a 17-year career in web development & Internet Marketing, with a proven track record of brand building.

Prior to her career with Pink Iguana Services, Natasha was Senior Web Developer and Lead Project Manager for Peak Systems. In this role, Natasha managed and implemented key Internet initiatives. This included managing staffing, quality control, client relationships, and billing. Just before joining Pink Iguana Services, Natasha was assisting a CertaPro franchisee in the Pacific North West with Sales.

During Natasha’s spare time you’ll find her enjoying spending time with her husband and dog. She’s creative at heart with interests in sewing, spinning fiber, weaving, jewelry design, and even making cheese.


michael_renteriaMichael Renteria is our Lead Account Support Specialist and Graphic Designer. Using his CertaPro background and formal education in graphic design, Michael handles new account content setup, website design and updates, Pink Iguana marketing and graphics, and account maintenance.

Michael has been with Pink Iguana since 2012, although his experience working with CertaPro began in 2006. Michael worked as the Production Manager at CertaPro Painters of Las Vegas for five years. During this time, Michael put himself through school at ITT Tech and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Michael then worked in several industries using CAD and graphics programs to design logos and websites before joining Pink Iguana. 

While his native language is English, Michael is also fluent in Spanish and sports. In his spare time, Michael plays basketball and enjoys time with his wife, Eliza, and young sons, Damien and Austin.


Mike Arcand has been working full-time in the internet industry since 2007, specializing in content development, SEO, and online marketing. His writing has appeared on many well known websites, including Myspace Entertainment, Yahoo’s Y! Tech Blog, MSNBC, and

He has been working with Pink Iguana Services since April 2013. Current certifications include Digital Marketing Foundations, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, PPC, and Display Advertising, all from industry leader Market Motive.


johnny_moralesJohnny Morales was introduced to the world of SEO by Pink Iguana Services in October of 2014. Johnny received training and certifications online through Market Motive. He is currently in charge of content roll out for all of Pink Iguana Services clientele. His secondary duties include being part of the New Account Creation Team, account maintenance, new content development, products/sales, and graphic design.

Johnny fully embodies our “Keep Evolving” motto. He is always willing to help out team members in other areas and fully embraces the learning experience.


henry_denbakHenry Denbak is an Internet Marketing Specialist at Pink Iguana Services and joined the team in 2016. His primary focus is to help clients with their online presence and to ensure the success of his client’s online marketing. Henry has worked in web design and development since 2010 helping to market a national brand and local businesses.

Before joining Pink Iguana Services, Henry worked at the corporate offices of CertaPro Painters. He started as a Local Web Marketing Co-Coordinator updating content and SEO on local franchisees’ websites. Henry quickly moved up to the position of Website Development Administrator, managing the content on the national website, gathering and reporting local and national analytics, serving as the point of contact for CertaPro’s SEO partners, managing CertaPro’s Google My Business and Yelp accounts and managing any IT issues with the CMS (Content Management System) or franchisees’ websites. Henry received his degree in web design and development from Trios College in November of 2010 and continues his learning by taking on new responsibilities in any role he is in.

When Henry isn’t working on the web, he enjoys boating, camping, watching movies, playing video games, bbqing and spending time with his fiancee and their cat Mia.


katie_choatesKatie Choates joined our team in 2016 as Pink Iguana’s Office Manager. Katie runs the show from the front of the house, handling billing, customer service, account setup and providing the team with candy.

Katie developed her skills and experience in several customer service and administrative roles in her native Louisiana and for the past two years as an Admissions Specialist at the University of Idaho.


Katie earned Bachelor’s degrees in English and Spanish at McNeese State University.